March 3, 2024

Which casino games are easiest to pick up for abeginner?

A huge population globally discovered gambling online for the first time duringthe pandemic. Now that everything is slowly getting back to normal, it’s no surprise that the gambling industry is booming, and thousands of beginners are playing traditional and online casinos games. For newonline casino players, it’s important to know which casino games are easiest to pick up and master.

Before we answer this question for you, we’ll have to take many factors into account, including whether the game is easy to understand and whether it is smooth to navigate or not. Technicalities such as house edge and RTP also play a vital role in deciding whether a game is suited for a beginner. Another factor which should form a factor in your decision are things like; your payment method (if you’re depositing with bitcoin, for example, you’ll need to find somewhere offering crypto casino games), the welcome bonus on offer at the casino and whether the game is available in your language.

3 tips for beginners playing casino games

  • Don’t neglect bonuses: If you’re betting on an online casino as a beginner, chances are you’ll receivesome great welcome bonuses and free spins. Don’t forget to use themas these bets are at zero risk and help you learn the game.
  • Study the game well: As a newbie punter, you don’t want to enter a high-risk game that you don’t even understand. Make sure you know the rules and basic strategies of the game to up your chances.
  • Know when to stop: Many new punters risk chasing the losses due to the adrenaline rush of an exciting game. When you’re in the learning phase, it is better to start slow and know when to hold back.

A beginner’s guide to which casino games are suitable for beginners

Before we dive deep into the subject, it’s important to understand what house edge and RTP are. The house edge is the percentage profit the casino takes from your bets. Also referred to as the house advantage, this remains a constant in all gambling games. The smallerit is, the lessmoney you lose to the casino. RTP is the percentage amount you receive as a price when you win.

Now that we’re clear onthe basics, let’s analyze a few popular beginner-friendly casino games.

Video poker

If we had to do a poll on what’s the easiest casino game to pick up and win, most gamblers would say “video poker.” There are plenty of reasons why video poker is one of the best casino games for beginners. To start off, it carries the lowest house edge among all the popular casino games. This means almost all your wins are yours to keep and the casino gets a nearly negligible amount on your bets.

Additionally, as video poker is more or less a game of chancewith very limited choices available, your odds of winning are higher than some other games. If you’re well versed with the rules of usual five-card draw poker and make logical choices, you’re good to get started.


Slot games are ideal gateways to enter the world of gambling for newbies. It takes only a few minutes for a beginner to get the hang of operating slots. From there on, all you do is insert some cash, select your stake and hope to win. There’s really no skill required to play and have fun with slot machines.

To top it off, both brick-and-mortar and online casinos keep on adding new twists and unique themes to their slot games. There are also a number of different types of slots such as three-reel slots, five-reel slots, progressive and jackpots. All will have slightly different layouts, but generally, the gameplay remains similar across them all.

Looking for recommendations on slots? You can check out Ugga Bugga by Play tech or Mega Joker by NetEnt. Both of these slots offer a hefty RTP of 99%, which is not that common in this category.


Blackjack is another fairly easy casino game to try if you’re a beginner. The basic strategy of this game can be learned in a matter of hours, and you can start with free blackjack demo games on online casinos to test the waters.

The house edge this game carries is merely 0.50%, and it doesn’t get affected by external factors like the size of your bets or the success rate of other players. This means in the long run, you only lose $0.50 to the casino on every $100 you wager, and the rest of your winnings are yours. We have to admit that there’s a slight amount of skill involved in this casino game, but for the most part, the game pivots around your luck only.

So, if you’re willing to spend a little timelearning the ins and outs of blackjack rules, you standa great chance of winning your first bet on the table.


If you’re in for big bucks but don’t want to learn too many technicalities, baccarat should be on top of your list. Unlike how it’s portrayed in the James Bond movies, this casino game is easy to learn and can be played by absolutely anyone. The game is set between the player and the dealer (also known as the bank). All you have to do is pick a side and bet on it. The rest is up to your luck.

Betting on the bank is always recommended for beginners to minimize their losses, as the house edge is the lowest on the bank (1.06%). There you go – you just learned how to play baccarat. You can also bet on a tie and get 8x of your bet if you win, but considering the high house edge on tie bets, you will want to avoid betting on ties in your initial days.


From novice to experienced punters, roulette is loved by everyone in the online casino community. The reason why roulette has gained so much popularity is that it’s easy to pick up, and the rules don’t change no matter where you’re playing. You just choose a bet type, lay down your roulette chips, cross your fingers and wait for the wheel to stop spinning. The odds are a bit high (35-1), so it’s advisable that beginners spend some time learning to play roulette in and out.

You can bet on numbers, colors, evens & odds, and other betting types as per your preference and strategy.

Another reason why roulette is suited for beginners is that the game lasts long enough for you to understand everything that’s going on. If you’re planning on playing roulette online, look for the European version to save a considerable amount on the house edge.


That pretty much is all you need to know before you place your first bet. Be mindful that even though these games are easy to pick up and learn, it doesn’t mean there are no losses involved. As every coin has two sides, it’s impossible to avoid losses when you start playing casino games with real money. Keeping all this in mind, make sure you’re mindful of the bets you place and check out the rules of the game and the casino before playing.

Be prepared to make a few silly mistakes and don’t get discouraged by this. As long as you know the game, follow our tips and practice a bit, you’ll be on the right track to having lots of fun.

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