March 3, 2024

The Reasons Why The English Premier League Is The Best In The World

There exists a lot of debate on which is the best football league in the world. For some, it may be the Spanish league whereas for others watching the premier league live stream would be an experience in itself. There are a lot of people whose opinions may differ but there are an ample number of reasons that drive home the point that it happens to be the best league in the world. Even in the last year, it was proved that it was one of the hardest football leagues in the world.

No form of match-fixing is associated with the League

There is not a lot of controversy surrounding the English Football League and even in the rare times if something has emerged it has not been that severe. For example, the match-fixing saga in Italy that erupted in Italy in the last few years. The only controversy that has emerged in the EPL in the last few years was the 39th game which was supposed to be held in a foreign country. But sure, it is not a major thing that should grab your eyeballs.

Foreign ownership

When you speak of the League foreign ownership adds a tinge of spice to the League. You can see for yourself Glazers taking over Manchester United. A lot of clubs have owners who are foreign people. One thing is for sure it mentions a lot about the foreign appeal of the league.

The media

The media attention that the event goes on to receive is truly outstanding. In some cases, the media could blow a story out of proportion, whereas in other cases they could end up distorting the truth that could make the story really interesting. It has to be said that the media has a major role to play when it comes to the question of the popularity of the league. There is hardly any league in the world that receives so much attention from the press.


The English premier league is one of the most lucrative leagues in the world. What it means is that the annual revenue of the league goes on to touch an estimated $ 1.8 million. If figures are to be believed it ranks among the top 5 sporting leagues in the world. Day by day the number of premier league live TV membership has also reported a rise.

Global league

The English Premier League has come a long way since the primitive days of the 80s. It is when a few players were found playing in the league. In the year 1992, there were only 11 Non- English or Irish players who were part of the league which makes it difficult to form a team from abroad. Of late there are enough players from abroad to form a team.

What it means is that if all the English players hang up their boots the league would go on. Some of the top players in Europe ply their trade in this league, and this has extended to the countries of Asia and Africa too. Most of the top players are part of the English football league.

The supporters

There is a general feeling that English supporters fall into the category of some of the most passionate supporters in the world. But it is going to stretch a lot beyond that passion. This league is supported by some of the most passionate supporters in the world. Just observe all the teams who are bound to struggle in the relegation zone every year. They are going to show up at every team and sing their praises even if they feel that the team is slaughtered.

It is quite true that every now and then the team would be turning up on the manager. You need to ask what type of loyalty. This means that the supporters want the best for the club and for this they are looking to figure out the eagerness level on all counts. One thing is for sure this is a league that is watched by a majority of people in the world. There are close to half a billion people who are tuned into this sporting event every year.

It has gone on to provide the best platform for a number of players and managers in the world

You name it and one thing is for sure this league has turned out to be a platform for some of the top players in the world. Though the list is endless and it is better than the players do the talking among them.

Coming to the League some of the best sporting rivalries are part of this league. For example, the confrontations between the managers of Manchester United and Arsenal were common. An avid football fan could relate to that properly. In spite of the bad mouth in public still, rivalry is something that continues to exist. Still both the managers do have bitter feelings for each other. A lot could argue upon this point but one thing is for sure all of them go on to make the league an interesting event.

The number of stakeholders in the top tier of the league increases

In the last few years, a number of clubs have claimed their stakes in the converted league. An example in this regard was Manchester City winning the league in the last couple of years. The best part is that some of the English clubs have gone on be part of the big games in the Champions league. Some of them have gone on to win the league on a couple of occasions.

The gap between the top teams and the middle rung teams is pretty less when you compare it to the other sporting leagues in the world. So on all counts you can enjoy a game in this league as it is one of the best. So there is no turning back on the same.

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